Approximately a third of market sales break down because selling through an estate agency is not the right solution in order that the vendor achieves the most money achievable for their property.

Since the beginning of the recession there is been greater demand call for low cost conveyancing which has introduced the birth of conveyancing factories or call centres and is responsible for ‘dumbing down’ the profession. This combined with more recently the lenders requiring greater diligence in the legal process (where in the past they would have allowed insurance policies to plaster over defective title issues and legal problems) and estate agents taking more work, has only served to increase the frustration of the sales process. With vendors expectations increasing from an improving property market, we established the need for a hybrid of the traditional fast sale company and the quick cash sale method of selling was required.

Through extensive property market and legal experience brought forward from the fast sale and legal service sectors and extensive experience in negotiating, managing and developing properties, puzzle property was formed.

As well as providing the cash purchase option for those that do require it, there is a range of other options available for our client, which means that they are able to maximise the value in their property.

For example If a client required £5,000 of damp remedial works, going the traditional market route would limit their sale to cash buyers only they would be faced with the other option of paying for the works, however many cannot afford this option. Typically a cash buyer would want up to 30% off the face value of the property. If the client chose our method to sell, typically they would receive 90% of the face value of the property.

Puzzle property is an all purpose solution for every vendor (much of the time we can achieve more than a traditional Estate Agent can for ANY property) but particularly vendors who fall within the 30% of property sales that fail for one reason or another.

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